Online Store

Creating your own online store in Bytecoinmarket is very simple.

You only have to register as a vendor, by visiting the following link:

Click here to create a vendor account

After registering as a vendor, you will be able to see your vendor dashboard.

You can then click on settings and then choose store, from the left side bar.

This will open all of your online store options and settings.

Shipping & Delivery

If a product or service requires shipping, vendors should pay for these expenses.

Vendors should add shipping costs and expenses in the product or service total price.

If vendors will not include shipping  in their price, they should let their customers know in their product description and store.

Customers should contact vendors when checking out, to let them know where they want their products shipped and to fully agree on shipping costs.



At Bytecoinmarket we only accept Bytecoin as a method of payment.

Once you have added an item, product or service to your cart, you can use the checkout option to complete your purchase.

In your checkout cart, you will be able to add your billing and shipping address.

You can also add a note to the vendor if desired.

You can review all of your order details and once you are certain that you want to purchase something, you can click on the Place Order button.

You will be redirected to a Thank you for your Purchase page, were you will see all of your order details and order number.  You will also get a Bytecoin address were you have to make your payment.

You will need to send the full amount of your order to that Bytecoin address and add your order number as a Payment ID.

**YOU MUST ADD YOUR ORDER NUMBER IN THE PAYMENT ID SECTION OF YOUR BYTECOIN WALLET**  This will help to process your purchase faster and without problems.

Once your payment is received, the vendor will be notified and they must deliver or ship your item.

**Funds will not be released to the vendor’s account, until customer receives item.


Bytecoinmarket does charge a percentage of your final sale price.

There are no fees for posting a product or service for sale.

The fees that we charge, help to keep Bytecoinmarket working properly and to improve our marketplace.

These are the fees for selling something in Bytecoinmarket:

  • 2% of the final sale price for items or services valued at 6,000,000.00 BCN or less
  • 1% of the final sale price for items or services valued at 6,000,000.00 BCN or more

These are some of the lowest fees that you will find in online market places, which means that at Bytecoinmarket you earn more for your products and services.

We want to help everyone to earn their Bytecoin and we want this cryptocurrency to grow.

If you want one or more of your products to appear in the Featured Items List in Bytecoinmarket’s front page, you will have to pay a small fee per month.

You can take a look at our fees by clicking  here.

To reserve your spot in the featured items list, contact us now.

As a vendor, you will have access to your vendor dashboard.

In there, you will have an option to add your Bytecoin withdrawal address.

Once you have successfully made a sale.   Your funds will become available in your vendor dashboard.

You can then go to the withdrawal section and ask for your funds to be sent to your Bytecoin address.

There is no minimum withdrawal requirement after successfully completing a sale.

**Bytecoinmarket will charge a 2% or 1% fee of the final sale price, depending on the value of the item or service.  Fees will be charged before your funds are added to your vendor dashboard after a successful sale.